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a person who does something that they don't realize will be made fun of by another; a person who does something out of spite of another
Ex. 1:
Person A - "I bought some boot bottom faded jeans at the mall the other day."
Person B - "Dude, your such a fegg."
Nelson Muntz, the board moderator, deleted that awesome flame post. What a fegg...
by KevB May 16, 2006
Adj: A word that describes a very sweet, delicious tasting food.
Ex: Man...Those chicken wings were so fegg. I couldn't stop eating them.
by PygmyRage July 12, 2011
Fake or faux eggs. Eggs from a carton like "egg beaters" that have no cholesterol or fat.
My father's cholesterol is too high, so he can only have those fake eggs from a carton, you know feggs.
by Spinspan August 24, 2009