When your boss goes crazy on you and fellow employees in rapid succession.
The BOSS says:
Andy- "Come in Here!"
Daniel- "In my office now!"
Beautiful Eyes - "Get your A$$ in here?!"
CJ(aka Initial guy) - "Get in Here"


Robert: "What just happened?"

CJ: "The boss just wento feeko on us!"
by ImFired February 02, 2013
Top Definition
A feeko is a freak but in a good way. Basically a good freak, nerd, geek, whatever.
Computer Nerd 1 - Here I'll fix your computer for you
Person 2 - Thanks.
Computer Nerd 1 - You just change the RAM and the flux capacitator and the improbability drive....and there you go!
Person 2 - I love you, man! You're such a feeko!
by Ahad August 08, 2006
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