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In popular jargon of the US Marine Corps:

a. a person who rarely exhibits effort and/or responsibility and lets others do all the work; a loafer, slacker, dope-off, weasel; shirker, screw off, malingerer.

b. a person assigned to a comfortable job relative to others in his unit;

c. a short person or a person of slight stature or build;

d. a term sometime used to refer to civilian employees of the Department of Defense or a government contractor.
Private Smith: Have you seen Private Jones lately?
Corporal Hardass: Nope, he's disappeared from work detail again today but when I catch up with our resident feather merchant, I'm gonna knock him on his ass.
by JoeDonethat November 13, 2010
A feather merchant is a homosexual most often a really ugly or retarded person or animal. (or something else)
What the hell are you doing you fucking feather merchant!
by Your mom is a feather merchant January 18, 2010
a retarded person that is also a homosexual and is extremely ugly and fat.
you feather merchant
by im awesome beyond everything January 18, 2010