A conglomerate of men and women who possess a faith system that is hopeless. This faith system ceases to exist in Spring, only to be renewed again in Fall of the same year.
Well it's May. Time to coax Fear The Fin off the Golden Gate again.
by Mr. Plank May 26, 2009
Top Definition
1. The sanest San Jose Sharks forum on the internet, which isn’t saying much, seeing how they are obsessed with corn, Steven Segal, and Alexei Semenov’s glove.

2. The most badass San Jose Sharks blog there is. Fans go there to cheer on the best team in the NHL.

3. Where the second round is overrated.
1. Somebody: OH NO, the Sharks are losing!
Someone else: This calls for... COOORRRRNNNNN!!!
/proceeds to post numerous photographs of corn on Fear the Fin

2. Somebody: LET'S GO SHARKS!!!!
3,000 others: LET'S GO SHARKS!!!!

3. Wise guy: Choking in the playoffs is a myth.
by idunno723 May 26, 2009
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