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A faggot who leaks information to someone, or snitches on his friends. Also known as a rat, asshole, coo guy, etc. Faggot + Leak = Feak/ Fique/ Feek
Geter Done: Damn did you see that chick today.... wow, shes amazing.

Bwooklin Bowlah & Vio: Yeah she's nice. RDS... 9.5.


Feak/ Fique/ Feek (to hot girl): Umm, those guys over there said you're hot and they gave you a nickname.

Hot Girl's friend: Hey, Vio and B.B., I know what you call my friend hehe (shaking finger at them)

Vio & B.B.: Fuckin feak....
by darcy mcgee March 01, 2009
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