Nickname of Fayetteville,Ark commonly used by students at the University of Arkansas.
Fayettenam is home of the UofA.
by Jman13 March 12, 2013
The University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville
I thought about Mizzou, but I've got a full scholarship to Fayettenam.
by war trojan November 17, 2003
A rowdy group of young kids from Fayette County, Georgia. Reputable youth and group of trouble makers. Aimless gang that lives day to day with out care or concern.
Fayettenam is a group closely associated to rebels without a cause. Anarchists
by A Concerned woman November 18, 2008
A nickname used in the United States for any trashy or undesirable place with a name incorporating "Fayette." Examples include Fayetteville, NC; Fayetteville, TN; and Fayette County, PA. To qualify as a "Fayettenam", the area is usually required to be poor and have a high concentration of drugs, excessive drinking, and general depravity. Many "Fayettenam" areas are in the Appalachian region.
Gonna go drink some PBR in Fayettenam!
by Zoë H August 05, 2007
A nickname for Fayetteville, Tennessee, a bizarre town full of bad DNA, mean spirited Jerry Springer-hopefuls, crackheads, drive-by's, children gettin slapped across walmart and supermarket aisles, auctions and tractor pulls...
"That poor meth-head up in Fayettenam pissed himself in front of the Dairy Queen in front of God and everybody, and started ravin about how Reading Rainbow used to get his motor runnin and how he screwed one of Loretta Lynn's back-up singers in 78'."
by Browneyean Wilson May 09, 2005
The everyday occurance of having to deal with those horny, dorky little boys at U of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
Oh God, here comes another one! *ducks down*
by MissJenni April 16, 2004
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