Fake-Ass White Boy

A white kid whose knowledge of a scene's details is gathered from google and wikipedia searches, instead of actual experience Synonyms: poseur, wanna-be.
JAXXO just cracked that FAWB in da grill.
#fawb.fake #wannabe #poser #poseur #jaxxo
by naffBDP August 04, 2006
Top Definition
1. Fawb NEVER gets action from girls.
2. He like to punch/hit/throw girls to the ground.
3. He's not caring.
4. He drives a shitty ass car.
6. Douche bag, who will ALWAYS BE A VIRGIN.
7. Has a face full of acne.
8. Brags about his job.
9. Has a bush for hair.
10. Likes to fuck other guys up the ass.
Get a way from the Fawb, he's too ugly to be around
#car #ass #shitty #unattractive #douche #virgin
by ChinggyV$$ July 05, 2011
Another way of saying Fall Out Boy.
Fall Out Boy = FOB= FAWB
#fob #fall out boy #fobr #pete wentz #joe trohman #patrick stump #andy hurley
by Tayler W. January 31, 2007
a word: pronounced as its spelt
stands for: Fucking Asshole Whore Bitch Slut
Anyone you know who's still your friend and you don't know why because they are the biggets bitchest. They just happen to be good at sucking up. The whores
Monica is such a FAWBS. I can fucking stand that girl!
#anything related to a: bitch #whore #slut #fucker #asshole
by Fawb's Friend November 05, 2007
a Fast Ass White Boy
Jeremy Wariner is a FAWB!
#uh-oh oreo #track #jeremy wariner #s #gunna
by SGUNNA June 11, 2009
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