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A "Fav Eva" is a person you cannot stand, they are typically annoying, extremely full of themselves and overall your worst enemy, but they do not know this, only you know this, because one always pretends to a be the "Fav Eva's" best friend, they will secretly despise them while being completely two-faced and pretending they love them...a VERY sarcastic term.
Jared: Hi Taylor! What you doing tonight?!?
Taylor: AH hey Jared! I'm not quite sure how about you?
Jared: Don't know yet...hit me up though I wanna see your face tonight.
Taylor: Oh I'll definitely give you a call!
(Jared leaves)
Taylor: Ew, just saw a fav eva.
Maddi: Who?!
Taylor: Jared..he told me to "hit him up"...what a fav eva.
by Blondewithabrain October 27, 2009
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