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1- Someone who lies in order to be purposefully convicted of a horrible crime, they actually DID NOT commit, only to receive media attention and worldwide recognition.

John Mark Carr is a perfect example of a Faux.J. Simpson. The alleged killer of Jonbenet Ramsey was with his family Xmas 96. He became obsessed with the case and was tortured into a partial, contradictory and impossible to believe "confession" after coming onto the radar of
self-interested sharks out for publicity. Yes, he was probably in Thailand (along with millions of other men from every part of the world) to lick some cheap, forbidden teenage pussy but SHAME on the DA and the rest of "law-enforcement" for torturing a confession out of
this looney and getting everybody's hopes up. We want this guy to be guilty but he isn't so he's a Faux.J. Simpson.
by Mike Losquadro November 05, 2006

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