a person who is extremely fat and eats and eats everything, but still thinks they are skinny and believes they can go around in tight clothes and show everything they got.
omg that michelle girl is so fat, cant someone tell her that she aint skinny and that she is a fattymcfatfat
by yo she be June 04, 2006
A very fat smelly hairy WoW loving duche bag!
My Brother Nick is such a Fatty McFatfat!
by Mike Hosseini January 29, 2008
Very Large and Fat person...

Like Ian Eddy
Shut the hell up Fatty McFat Fat!
by Matthew Starr April 07, 2003
fat man`
Seth Roodman
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
a person with unusually large fat flaps.
also one who loses shoes becuase they are frequently absorbed by their stomach which has so much fat it is a living organism.
spencer: hey bogdan! you sure are a fatty mcfat fat!!
bogdon: shut up, its not funny

spencer: uhoh! i lost my shoe bogdan! get it out before your fatty mcfat fat eats it!
bogdon: shut up! its really mean...
by Spencuh Wurr August 21, 2007
a name given to stupid fat people, that are affter than me
you fucking fat festest piece of fat fucking faty mcfat fat
by Anonymous August 06, 2003

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