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The greatest complement a person can receive usually meaning a person that is extremely humorous and sexy
hey fatso do you work tonight i cant wait to see your face
by smellyjap April 08, 2010
11 26
A word usually used as insult to overweight people. Usually used by children.
Stop eating my Twinkies you Fatso!
by PiE! March 18, 2003
323 35
A fat person(cruel, also a rude term of adress)
Hey fatso, get out of my way.
by Light Joker August 28, 2004
152 59
An abbreviation for fat soul. This commonly used insult is more than a mere comment on a person’s physical appearance. It refers to the inner motivations behind this person’s gluttony, hinting that the unstoppable craving for food is a integral part of his or hers personality, or soul. Thus a fatso need not be a obese son of a bitch that has to pay for two seats on an airplane, but might as well be skinny like that most hospitable of Hilton hotels.
Burger joint employee: Do you want the extra large menu for only 1$ extra?
Fatso : Damn man! Look at me! What the hell do you think???
by m;) April 07, 2008
77 39
An offending word describing a overweight person. Usually used about people who are; fat, lonesome, anti-social and perverts. Usually spend their time at home and despite to go out in public. This is the kind of people who spend their time infront of the VCR with a pack of toiletpaper!
Holy shit! Look at all the junkfood that fatso in the counter is buying! Wonder what he'll do with that toiletpaper and watermelon O.o
by j0nnsfl£ January 06, 2010
17 15
Fatso is one of many words for "fat". A good sign of being a fatso is when your belly drops below your waist. I'd think that most people would be decent enough to not tell a fat person that they are a fatso, it can be very hurtful.
A sure-fire way of being a fatso is eating all of your meals at McDonald's.
by Bluenash November 25, 2009
16 14
another definition for a fatso in modern society, is someone who used to be fat but lost alot of their weight with some traces still behind
a person who eats alot and does NOT gain as much weight as other people
for instance if you can eat a 8x8 at in n out and still feel like you can eat more, chances are you are a fatso
by foodlovers nationwide April 03, 2007
12 39