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The closest you can get to cursing without actually cursing. Derogatory term for almost anything. Doesn't apply to certain breeds of dogs.
Jon: Did you hear Kelly say father mocker in math today? I thought Mr. Keats was going to explode!

Freida: Yah, but everyone knows Mr. Keats is an ass.

Jon: Yah, he is.
by Jeremykl August 29, 2009
My favorite non-swear word that really isn't one
He`s a real "Father Mocker" that Sean Avery
by Thomas O. December 10, 2008
An alternative to the offensive "motherfucker". In theory, someone who would mock their father.
I can't believe that fathermocker ate all of my marshmallows!
by Travelshark44 August 22, 2012