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A small high school in central tennessee that wishes it was Notre Dame. It has the same mascot and fight song and the only thing irish about this place is the overabundancy of drunks and sluts
Father Ryan lost another football game
by what? November 19, 2004
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A catholic high school in Nashville Tennessee that was founded in 1925. Their has been a misconception that their sports programs are jokes because their football team hasn't been the best in past years even though they win state in many sports each year, for the 2009 football season they will have a new Stadium and in years to come many more new facilities. MBA and JP2 are their rivals and MBA and FRHS have been rivals for years.Their academics are amazing and they have successful alumni all across the nation and Mostly right here in Nashville.
Father Ryan is the best private school for Tennessee children of any class they don't descriminate and teach you to carry on what you learn into the years after you graduate.
by FRHS March 14, 2009
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