Father Grigori is the fictional NPC that presides over Dr. Gordon Freeman during the chapter "We don't go to Ravenholm" in the award-winning video game Half Life 2. He is of European descent, possibly Russian or Slavic from his accent. Father Grigori is the only non-zombified inhabitant of Ravenholm which has clearly left him mentally unstable. However, he never seems hostile to the player and even assists Dr. Freeman by giving him a shotgun, the superior zombie accessible to Freeman in Ravenholm.
Person 1: (going through Ravenholm) Whoa, this is place scares the shit out of me.

Father Grigori: (Looks at Person 1) Hmm? Another life to save? I am Father Grigori! I see that you have already met, hah, my congreation! (Insane Laughter Follows)
by Raphael Basa June 12, 2008
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