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A fat dan is someone that considers eating to be a hobby not a necessity, typically favouring fast food outlets such as krispy kreme. A fat dan does not actually have to be fat, they just have to be someone that looks like they should be fat and have a seemingly endless appetite.

The term can be applied to anyone and they do not have to actually be called dan, although it is usually considered more amusing if they are.
If someone orders doughnuts to be delivered to a pub it would be acceptable to refer to them as a 'fat dan'.
by neiliowff January 23, 2010
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Fat Dan, known to be of the Howlett family, did not inherit the healing powers of his stronger half brother Logan. Instead, Fat Dan was gifted with the ability to drink all of his mate’s lager before anyone else has finished their first can. This power also extended to pubs where Fat Dan would drink in at least three different rounds simultaneously whilst still getting himself an extra drink. Fat Dan is also know to enjoy the occasional lager top, lager and lime, and cider and often pretends that these are socially acceptable drinks for a man. Excuses for these drinks often involve low carbohydrate diets when we all know that Fat Dan is trying to put on weight in an effect to increase his drinking threshold.
Fat Dan, why don’t you get you speedos on and go to Bradleys
by Duke21 May 13, 2004
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some year 9 kid called Dan Eason. every1 calls him fat dan because he is on the large side. this is because his mum has been fattening him up ready to eat him in the great year of 2010. He is the biggest bam margera bummer ever (i got nothin agaist bam, but this kid needs to remove his small bent excuse for a dick from bams ass and return it to his pickle jar) in conclusion fat dan is a cunt and he invites people round to his house to get drunk (the brookstar mainly, when he was friends with him), they barf all over his house then his mum has a shitfit coz they barfed on his new sofa. wot a pussy.
brookstar: haha its fat dan
fat dan: meh
coop: i love you dan
brookstar: ur fucking gay coop n im gonna bang u
coop: *shits self yet again.... jesus that kid has problems*
by Loz December 16, 2004
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