Fatmonkey is a collective of full service digital media professionals dedicated to shining new light on and presenting a different perspective of streetcore talent.Fatmonkey is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and operates from Brooklyn, New York, and Tokyo, Japan.
Fatmonkey grew out of the ghetto bass absorbed streets of Miami, Florida as a few boys from the projects who liked skateboarding just as much as they liked basketball
by jane January 12, 2004
Top Definition
a pussy whith fat cheeks, a big meaty taco, that gives you a mouthfull once eaten, a huge cameltoe pussy. that is so good . i love to eat a fat monkey anytime.
damn that girl has a fat monkey.
by kreator of pleasure March 06, 2006
A term to describe a fat man who is not handsome at all, ugly and have an evil attitude. Love to cheat for money and sabotage people especially his teachers and the leadership council at school. He is the alumni president.
Mr Z***** A***** is a FAT MONKEY!!!
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