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That meal you have at 2 in the morning that is larger than all of your other three meals combined.
Fatty: I think I ate two fish filets, a huge smoothie, the rest of the mashed potatoes and red beans and rice, and four pieces of pizza. And a bowl of ice cream.

Bystander: Sounds like you had a whole nuther dinner!

Fatty: I think of it as more of a fatfest.
by swaymatter February 20, 2014
A sacred holiday and annual event, occurring on the night before Thanksgiving wherein a group of honored guests and loved ones gather around at a local White Castle.

They then challenge each other to a competition as to who can eat more White Castle burgers. Cheese is optional but does not adjust your score; consume cheese at your own risk.
At Fat Fest 08, Andy won with 21 White Castles, and at Fat Fest 07, Stolis won with 20 burgers.
by AKlim November 25, 2009