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A person who is a nugget, and is annoying.
Minhal: George wouldn't stop eating pancakes last night, i dislike him.
Jim: Yeah what a fat nugget.
by ache December 20, 2010
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The little piece of fat all girls have between the armpit and side boob.Best seen when wearing tight tank tops.
Ashlyn: Ugh i hate my fat nuggets they are so ugly!
Rachel:No they aren't! Everyone has them.
by DameEllenTerry February 02, 2017
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An obese american who has no eyebrows. They often do musicallys and are very cringy, if you encounter one might as well go drink some bleach since it is no different.
Dude I was watching this Fat Nugget cringe compilation and I went to go drink some bleach but my mom used all of it.
by MinecraftGamerKid694201738 November 15, 2016
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