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Respectively, a fat monk is when a girl is too fat for the pants she's wearing and her vagina pushes out and creates a bulge. The bulge looks like a monk's head, or a fat monk's head.
-Dude, look at that girl's vag!
-Ew, what the fuck? That fatass needs to lose some weight, she's got a fat monk!
by Michelle Arza April 20, 2008
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a fat monk, according to all the boys in my art and english class, is a slang term for a vagina. Apparently becuase there is like a little line like right where your pants are and do it looks like a monks head? or something idk the teacher started yelling at us but thats what i got out of it. So. yeah.

and its also apparently a good thing.
"Ey bay bay, you gots yourself a fat monk!"
"a what?"
"A fat monk, you know wat dat is?"
"Ha, ask counrty to touch your fat monk"
*goes over and askes*
and he grabbed my pussy. the end
by haley ann March 09, 2008

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