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Extremly fat bastard who likes to grab peoples necks and swing them around
"Let go of me you FAT FUCK!
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
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A "Fat John" is a code word for the act of taking a poop. No one is exactly sure where the name came from, but it originated in Manchester, NH and has since spread. When referring to a Fat John, the you usually pretend it is a real person.
Person 1: "Dude, Fat John is about to visit me!"

Person 2: "No way! He visited me today, and boy, was he angry!"

Or rather,

Person 1: "Aw jeez, I'm about to be visited by Fat John."

Person 2: "Who?"

Person 1: "Everybody's met Fat John. In fact, most people see him everyday. Sometimes he tries to come in before you're ready, and sometimes he can just explode at you. You usually feel better after Fat John leaves."
by LeSuave April 08, 2013
What the homosexual monkey turned down.
John Newbrough
by Kedar Hiremath April 05, 2004
See definition for Gay John
by Vortex Residents April 22, 2003

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