Stock Rims put on 94-96 Acura Integra GSR. The 97 GSR's came with LS wheels. The 98-01 GSR's came with Blades
Check out those Fat Fives.
by Max June 07, 2007
Top Definition
Fat Fives in "Honda" lingo, what came on the 94-01 Integra GS-R, it also had other rims nicknamed "Blades" which were optional. LS integra's the same years had rims which were nicknamed "Mesh" as in LS Mesh's.
I sold my Civic EJ6 with GSR Fat Fives (Integra Rims), but i kept the "Blades".
by EM1 Jeff January 13, 2010
Nickname for a wheel option on first-generation Audi TT's; for their distinguishing characteristic of 5 relatively wide spokes.
My TT came with fat fives, but I replaced them with some RS4 reps.
by mmmatches April 11, 2011
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