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a condition where a person, generally a female, is in denial about their size.

they tend to try on clothes of the wrong size (for example an x-small when they really need a large, wearing a bikini when they need a one piece, shopping in the juniors sizes when they need to be in the plus sizes).

they underplay their weight: "I only need to lose a few pounds". they are always comparing their size to someone either way larger than themselves because most people feel better when they put someone else down.
Girl (size 14): "Hold on girl I'm going to try on these pants"

** puts on x-small and comes out fitting room

Girl (size 14): "I think they're too big, they fit kind of loose"

Friend (size 4): "Girl you're in fat denial, you know you need a large"
#fat #people #complex #skinny #wrong #size
by darlingbritt24 January 20, 2012
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