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A world-wide holiday celebrated every Thursday. The ultimate goal is to appreciate fat chicks via high-fiving amongst friends. The first fat chick spotted is celebrated with a round of fist-pounding called the Initial Pound. Afterwards, each fat chick spotted is celebrated with a high-five. One can add to the celebration by shouting "Damn that bitch is huge!" An unspoken rule of FCT states that if one has sexual contact with a fat chick on this day, it is acceptable. Having sexual contact with a fat chick any other day than FCT is unacceptable and any violators are subject to a lifetime of harassment and the title Fat-Chick Fucker.
"Dude it's fat chick thursday!"
by FCT Megafan October 06, 2009
A newly created federal holiday to commemorate female obesity in America. Originated at Benedictine University 2008

On this momentous celebration, whenever you see a fat chick, you turn to your buddy and high five yelling "WOO FAT CHICK THURSDAY!!!"
Hey look at that fat beast of a woman.. let's celebrate, "WOO FAT CHICK THURSDAY!!!"
by Will PBach February 17, 2009
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