A felony crime called rape. Whenever someone is held against their will, humiliated, debased and dehumanized, that is rape. The women held against her will was convinced under false pretenses by the man. She felt safe enough that the man honored and respected her, but when the truth is revealed that he was cruely dishonering her, the women tries to escape and is held AGAINST HER WILL for however long the felon can manage. The truth here is that the ugly behavior of any one participating in executing this crime is far uglier than having excess pounds.
They commited fat chick rodeo on an innocint victim, and so they were imprisoned for a long, long time.
by Earth citizen June 01, 2010
Top Definition
When you're banging a really fat chick doggie style and your friends are hiding in the closet. After a little while your friends run out of the closet and yell "GO!" Thats when you hold on to the fat chick for dear life as she tries to get away. Longest time wins!
"I won the fat chick rodeo with a time of 15 seconds!"
by Frank 'toolman' Rizzo May 20, 2004
When your in a club and you find the fattest chick there. You hold round her and whisper in her ear "You're the fattest fucking thing in here" and see how long you can stay on for!
Ha ha, I cant believe Josh managed 20 seconds on the fat chick rodeo!
by BrownieG March 05, 2009
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