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A fat girl that would be flat chested if she were skinnier but has "tits" only because she is overweight. Based on her fatness, if she were a guy, the same "breasts" would appear. The Fat Chested girl is totally oblivious to the fact that she doesn't have actual "boobs" and stops at nothing to show off her "jugs".
"Daniella pleeeaaze, you don't even have tits, you're just Fat Chested. If you dropped forty pounds your chest would look like my little brother's back."
by Party Crashers October 11, 2009
When a female has boobs, not because there full and developed, but because she is fat.
Frank- My girlfriend has big boobs!

Mike- No she doesn't! They would be small, she's just Fat Chested!

Frank- ...
by Steve Traindriver August 06, 2010
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