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Derived from the character Lee Apollo Adama from Battlestar Galactica, when the character put on weight in an act of complacency, the phrase now means the point in which a television series or any artistic creation has gone away from its intended goal. This phrase is closely related to jumping the shark.
Cheers really went Fat Apollo when Diane left the show.

Moonlighting really pulled a Fat Apollo after Dave and Maddy had sex.

You really did a Fat Apollo when you added cloves to your chili.
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by SeanF April 07, 2008
Michael McCluskey, son of Nova Scotia politician Gloria McCluskey.

(The following is borrowed from the Hal-Con website, at

Self-defined local celebrity Michael McCluskey is a comedian, a connoisseur of everything Battlestar Galactica. Donning Everlast boxing gloves, a cape and shirt made of BSG bed sheets (circa 1980′s) – McCluskey embodies the vision of Apollo, in an alternate reality in which Apollo has become fat.

Outspoken, opinionated, and even brazen at time, Fat Apollo is a staple of the Geeks versus Nerds (GvN) debate series, hosted at the Grawood, located in the Dalhousie SUB, in Halifax, NS, presented in part by Hal-Con. Pelvic thrusting is common, as is going off on strange tirades and rants about the Internet’s darkest places. Nothing is off limits. Fat Apollo has appeared in numerous debates throughout GvN’s Season 1 and has a steady line-up planned for Season 2.

This entertaining, monthly debate series was hosted at Hal-Con 2010 with great success.

During the celebrity edition of GvN, the debate was Han Solo v. Malcolm Reynolds. When Nathan Fillion himself called into the show to defend Malcolm Reynolds – Fat Apollo was not starstruck. Calling the much loved Serenity ship a piece of crap, to the utter shock of the entire audience cemented his role as the boldest debater in the series.

McCluskey, conversely, couldn’t be a nicer guy. But don’t let that fool you. When the gloves are on, the game is on.
Man, did you check out that GvN last night? Fat Apollo was hardcore!
#apollo #appollo #fat #michael mccluskey #galactica
by OmegaX123 April 28, 2012
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