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A game in which you order food in a drive through, and you have a friend wait somewhere just outside the car (a bush, behind a pole, ect.) and when your order is ready that friend sprints by and takes the food that is being handed to you. You and whoever else is in the car pretend that you have absolutely no idea who that person is and demand another order or your money back. You get twice as much food, or your money back.
John, Eric, Le'Qwonte, and Ian were hungry. They decided to go to Taco Bell and play Fast Food Football. After they ordered, John got out and then as the food was being handed to Eric he ran by and took the food as if it was a football. He then ran around the block. Eric and the other friends then demanded a free order. They got the original order, and a free one. Then they picked up John and everyone was happy.
by btothechizzle April 11, 2010
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