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To fart and leave others to enjoy the fumes.
See also:
Shit and Split
I like to Fart and Dart in the grocery store. It's awesome to see the expressions when people walk through the cloud with their mouths wide open.
by RenegadeRebel January 13, 2007
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The act of farting and then running away as fast as you can before you can be identified as the farter.

Very common and useful in public areas, formal meetings, and social gatherings.
Alan: Why did Bob just run to the other side of the room? And why does it smell?
Steve: Bob just pulled a fart and dart.
by bigmastaJ December 14, 2010
The action of farting and then leaving the general area to force others to face the stench. This is commonly used in public areas or at social gatherings.
Matt: Woah man what stinks?
Kory: Yeah why is Jeff on the otherside of the room?

Dean: he just pulled a fart and dart!

Matt: That asshole!
by KingKong02 October 03, 2014

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