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Funny'ish, hungry, legen... dary
That guy is so Farrance
by iNinjaButt February 02, 2011
The word describes a great leader who lived and ruled the land of "Manawahe" (Bay Of Plenty), as well he had 8 wifes and 304 children, Farrance is a surname passed down from generation to generation from eternal sex gods, who plays rugby and represents one of New Zealands hardest most ruthless gangs "BHB" (Brotherhood Brawlers), He also posseses a great amount of power which he ocationally rules over most people these include, Teo, eruu, rihari, tomas, guu man, hamish, kale, mitchell, Paraha, Mrs Maloney, Mr Bennet, edgecumbe college students and HARE!!
Hey is that "Farrance" watch out for him hes "BHB"
by BHBfoever August 30, 2010
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