Any individual who has the genetic characteristics of pale skin, freckles, and most notably, red hair. A reference to Scott Farkus, a character from the motion picture A Christmas Story.
That girl would be hot if she wasn't a farkus.
by Dirtball August 16, 2005
Top Definition
The physical gesture of pulling your fist toward your side to show success, joy, or approval. The word farkus can also be exclaimed during this action.
"Hey, did you hear classes are cancelled today because of the snow?!" *farkus!*
by reeps October 29, 2010
Adj. A suffix, used to display the person's character. awesome

N. A person who is very desireable, either physically or emotionaly, to another. love hott

note: Always capitalized.
He's the best, lets call him, Mr. Farkus.

Baby, you're a Farkus.
That man is wicked Farkus.
by Markus Farkus December 23, 2004
A mild expression of annoyance or anger.
Farkus! Why can't I ever find my keys when I'm looking for them?
by JoDil June 02, 2007
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