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A list of porn stars or pornographic material is numbered. Then a dice can be rolled or a number generated and which number is given the player must masturbate to the material of the corresponding number
I can't choose a porn star to fap to. I'll do a fap roulette to decide
by Adamisthedaddy February 26, 2010
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A trend of posing conditions to a masturbation (fap) session. Such as what objects to use, what images/videos to use, how long, what hand, where to end, what to wear, etc. and these decided by the chance of random numbers (roulette) by any number generator, especially the number given to the comment/post in sites such as 4chan.
Damn it! My fap roulette says I have to wear girl panties. If I don't do it, I lose the thrill next time I use the fap roulette. If I do it, bad on it's own terms.
by Virtualban November 17, 2013
chatroulette is an website that pairs you up with random people with a webcam, 90% of these people are guys fapping.

Fap means masturbate, jack off, etc.
tim, "hey bob, what you doin?"
bob, "joinin random people in chatroulette."
tim, "there's so many guys jerking off on there, they should rename it Faproulette."
by jafbals March 31, 2010

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