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An amalgamation of the words that comprise the phrase "fantastic banter".

FAN-tanstic ban-TER
"Mate, that is fanter"
by Pato_88 February 13, 2009
Banter against fat people; fat banter
Bob: hey Tony, you have bigger tits than your mum!

Tony: leave it out Bob, whats with all the fanter today!?
by philnevilleisshit April 15, 2011
'Facebook Banter'

Some have shedloads.

Some are just too damn serious.

Others try stupidly hard but really, haven't got a clue
Examples are everyday conversation/occurances/tags on facebook. Sometimes it is easy to mistake 'Fanter' for a 'Frape', depending on the humour of the affected.
by D.Albert.J May 29, 2011
Fucking awful banter
Maddy: "That wasnt even banter" ... Jack: " More like shanter" ... Maddy: "even worse, it was fanter"
by MAPRGHP April 16, 2010
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