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An amalgamation of the words that comprise the phrase "fantastic banter".

FAN-tanstic ban-TER
"Mate, that is fanter"
by Pato_88 February 13, 2009
'Facebook Banter'

Some have shedloads.

Some are just too damn serious.

Others try stupidly hard but really, haven't got a clue
Examples are everyday conversation/occurances/tags on facebook. Sometimes it is easy to mistake 'Fanter' for a 'Frape', depending on the humour of the affected.
by D.Albert.J May 29, 2011
Banter against fat people; fat banter
Bob: hey Tony, you have bigger tits than your mum!

Tony: leave it out Bob, whats with all the fanter today!?
by philnevilleisshit April 15, 2011
Fucking awful banter
Maddy: "That wasnt even banter" ... Jack: " More like shanter" ... Maddy: "even worse, it was fanter"
by MAPRGHP April 16, 2010