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The needless insertion of a silent apostrophe into a place, race or character name in a work of fantasy fiction. The fantasy apostrophe is intended to give mystique and gravitas to an otherwise stupid sounding made-up name. However, it is not always successful in this regard.

See also: Heavy Metal Umlaut
Tom - What you reading, Geoff?
Geoff - I've just started the G'dorf Trilogy
Tom - Any good?
Geoff - Well, there's this dude called Kar'El, a J'olara trader from the Ava'pia region. He's got to get an amazing S'word which will kill all his enemies, the Z'Goff.
Tom - Fantasy Apostrophe overload?
Geoff - Lucky I didn't mention the B'Z'or'ef
by tomh2 November 29, 2010
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