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1. n. A character, group of characters, scene, or plot that is liable to be featured in fanfiction, usually due to an abundance or overuse of moé or cliché traits possessed by the subject(s) in question.

2. n. As in 1, but with the subject(s) having already been featured in fanficton, esp. when the frequency of these features is high.

The term originates from "cannon fodder", a play on the tendency of moé and cliché characters, scenes, and plots to be used in large, unsparing quantities in fanfiction.
1. "That Becca girl is quiet, intelligent, nerdy, and adorable; she's total fanfic fodder."

2. "I must have seen over nine thousand fanfics about Vincent Valentine on just one site! He's fanfic fodder!"

"Yeah, but Vega is hotter fodder than Vincent could ever be."
by {{PseudoNymX}} December 29, 2008
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