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Once a useful promotional tool on Facebook for aspiring musicians, companies or other forms of media, the Fan Page system has been completely ass-raped by retarded ADD 13 year-old kids who got bored of Bebo and moved to the site.

Instead of using the Groups for their mundane shit/not doing it at all, this new sector of (ab)users have made such grammatically-challenged Pages as "i used 2 crawl down tha stairz wen i wos young" or "No. Your Wrong. So Sit Their In Your Wrongness And Be Wrong" some of the most popular. But, as is with most things, popular =/= good.

One of the worst epidemics at the time of writing is the "I LOL'd at..." trend, where the Page Admin finds ONE funny image on the WHOLE INTERNET, and dedicates a Fan Page to how they LOL'd at it. Goddamn.
Preteen Dumbass became a fan of "I lol'd so much when i saw this pic of what simon cowel would look like bald :')"

-You: Do you really, honestly think that kind of pointless shit is what the Fan Page app is for?
-Preteen Dumbass: your pointless :|

You: *headdesk, remove friend*
by Hurrrrrr March 07, 2010
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