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A reference of an empty beer can (or series of cans) that are temporarily stored upon the blades of a dormant ceiling fan. The cans were strategically placed there due to the overcrowding of empty cans upon a beer pong table. Excessive empty can storage upon a beer pong playing surface could potentially compromise the integrity of the game, thus leading to the need for an extra empty can placement area. An unused ceiling fan is a perfect collector of spent beer cans, due to its convenient proximity.

Fan Beer can also be used by its lesser known variation; a cold beer that is consumed on a hot summer day. A fan beer is a great way to cool down and relax.

The Fan Beer reference is commonly used across Michigan. It is believed the term was coined during a "Thirsty Thursday" drinking session.
"DUDE, What the hell is that thing up there?
Fret never more, it's merely a Fan Beer."
by Shaul DeGaul April 20, 2011
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