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When you someone on FB or MS talks about how wonderful life is and always post about what a good time they are having...And then when you actually spend time with them they are just misserable....
Yvette: So how did your night out with Lisa go
Crissy: OMG!!! She looked like a lot of fun on FB, but she was totally misserable. Not sure she even knows how to be happy...
Yvette: Yeah, I've I run into a few "false bookers" myself.
Crissy: "False booking" is so misleading
Yvette: Oh look!!! her "life is AMAZING today"
by TerribleTink June 21, 2010
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Creating fake friends and lavish stories involving said friends on facebook.
Moe: Did you hear that Johnson's friend Abdi won the lottery and are now on the run from Italian space program?

Lester: No way man, that guy is is totally falsebooking.
by Fandango Drift May 29, 2011
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