The implement used to apply (powdered makeup). Commonly described as a makeup (brush). Slang, used to eliminates confusion as the word brush is no longer used for two essential tools, when getting ready for a night on the (raz), in a busy (bedroom).
N.B. This is not a joke we have actually been using this phrase for years and it has come in very handy.
Ahhh pass me the faloola now, my face isnt yet the colour of an (umpalumpa). I need to be (tangoed) girly.

What colour is your faloola?

Anyone got a soft faloola for (bronzing) my chest?

Do you sell faloolas with stiff bristels, because i need somthing to define my cheek bones.
by Nicola Jackson November 20, 2006
Top Definition
A woman's front facing mid hole protected by beef curtains, also known as the vagina.
Person 1: She had a piercing down there (slightly embarrassed)

Person 2: Down where?

Person 1: You know, down there... on her Faloola!
by 21st Century Boy April 03, 2008
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