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One's inability to steer one's focus away from certain web sites known for containing large amounts of snippets of entertaining content or having exceedingly high link density, such as Wikipedia, IMDB, Urban Dictionary, or TV Tropes. Typically, snapping out of this trance requires a powerful external stimulus, such as hunger, fatigue, a nagging significant other/family member, or a power outage.
Man, I was looking up Johnny Depp's new movie at work the other day on IMDB and I totally felt myself falling into the vortex. I didn't climb out until my boss walked in.

Guy 1: Don't bother trying to talk to him. He's fallen into the vortex.
Guy 2: Well, he hasn't eaten or slept in about 20 hours, so he's bound to come out of it soon.
by fonsui July 26, 2011
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