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Pieces of food, ice or anything else edible that has fallen from the sandwich or any other food product that a person is eating.
Ex.1: Sean was eating his Italian foot long sub with the works on it. Tomatoes, banana peppers and olives fell out onto his plate. "Broski let me get your fallen comrades because I'm still hungry."
Ex.2: As I entered Taco Bell, I saw a child who had eaten half of her taco. I seized the opportunity and yelled "GIVE ME YOUR FALLEN COMRADES." Then her father slapped me.
by JOEY ABEL aka JOEYJAMR July 10, 2008
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The term used for the un-nerving site of others pubes in a urinal
"dude the toilets in that mcdonalds were rank, there were like a battalion of fallen comrades"
by Andy Tinglybob June 13, 2008
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