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1. Fake love is when a friend fuck your bitch,
dont think with his head only think with his dick
2. Fake love is when they never be around, but once you get rich they all get down
Fake love is a song by Tony Yayo
by Ganjamaster420 December 12, 2005
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same as fuck love.
not what anyone needs.
give up the fuck love for real love.
find someone who makes you want to give real love rather than fuck love.
Fake love is bad for the soul.
by JuicyPineapple February 19, 2015
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Verb, transitive: To have sex with someone you barely know, often proposed by the more altered of the two of you.
Him: Hey! (burp) Wanna fake love?
Her: Do I know you?
by Dr.FTU November 06, 2009
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1)Fake love's when your homey give you dap
Smile in your face but he want yo' ass clapepd

2)Fake love - so my friends is enemies and my enemies be friends
Don't show no love, don't pretend

3)Fake love is when a nigga set you up
How he knew about your chain when your shit was tucked.
Fake friends, show fake love
You know the type of nigga that'll leave you in the club
Fake love
by Jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz January 03, 2006
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