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When someone who is afraid to inhale smoke acts like there high, when they dont inhale.
Jake - Fuck mayne im so high.
Jamal - Shut the fuck up mayne, you didnt even inhale.

Mike - I know Jamal. Jake, you can stop with your Fake High, you just look like your Chinese not high.
by Gunshotz February 18, 2010
someone who pretends to be high to confess stuff
Yeah right he's just being a fakehigh right now.
by YesYes88 March 21, 2009
the resulting effect of smoking Spice, K2, or other synthetic cannabis product

the feeling you get from smoking FAKE weed
Hey man, I got some K2. You wanna get fake high?
by Sohigherthanyou October 03, 2010
1. One who pretends to be. Specifically to confess things, but mainly to try to be funny.

2. One who pretends they are high, to get attention from cooler people.
1. "Leland is so fake-high right; he isn't even a good actor."

2. "Isn't it pathetic that Leland is being fake-high to get the girls' attention?"
by TheBryManFoScho March 22, 2009
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