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When a person on a message board, forum, or social media site attempts to be condescending by putting a question mark at the end of their statement. These statements are never actually questions, they're just lines that, when spoken, cause an inflection in voice in order to sound superior. This never really works because the person who adds the question mark where it doesn't belong has a chromosome deficiency and suffers from the fact that his father also happens to be his mother's brother.
Samantha: I need to know the keyboard shortcut to refresh a website
Faggot: Uhh, press F5?
Matthew (to Samantha): Ignore this faggot. Not only did this rape-supporting bag of dicks answer your question with a question, he answered it with a fake question.

Alex: My phone's been acting up and music plays randomly. I've tried everything and now I need your help.
Faggot: Stop being broken?
by FoxMcWeezer February 18, 2012
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