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The Xbox 360, which has more hardware failures than the Windows Operating System has viruses. You have to pay for the Xbox Live subscription, 99.99% of the DLC in one form or another, and it does not support true High-Def gameplay.

Take about $500, buy a PS3 for $299, then pick up a second controller and charge cord for about &75, then use the rest of your cash to buy some good games and maybe a little DLC.
Gamer 1: Man, how in the f**k could this thing RROD again after everything I've tried?

Gamer 2: Nice Failbox yourself a headache and buy a PS3.

Gamer 1: STFU
by Xbox-hata' October 06, 2010
The xbox 360 fails so hard:
Failing software
Failing service
Failing controller
100% of fail... Call it the failbox, it suits the piece of shit
I got a Failbox 360 and it got RROD
by Georgioz December 16, 2009

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