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The Fail Zone is the seemingly magical one-in-a-million glitch that brings you to a part of the level that is not supposed to exist or simply was not noticed by the programmers. Fail Zones exist primarily in skate/snowboard genre games but in rare cases have showed up in adventure/RPG/fighting games. You can identify a Fail Zone by A)Constant falling of your character in a boundary-less black/white location B)Free roaming of your character in a small confined black/white box. To fix a Fail Zone you must restart your level or in extreme cases restart your system.
Noobish gamer:"Dude I was like playing Tony Hawks pro-skater 3 and I bailed from a grind and then I like went through the floor and just kept falling!!! What do I do????"
Me:"Well, my noobish fool, you have entered what we call a Fail Zone the only solution for it is to restart your level or your game entirely. But since that might be too difficult for you to understand, I suggest you pick up your console and trow it straight up in the then stand right under the impact location.
by utaljx285 December 19, 2009
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