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A blast to the face by seriously screwing up
Dude? you seriously forgot your girlfriends name?

#fail #ownage #dissed #merked #pwnt
by elijahhhhhh September 09, 2008
1. A monicker for the FN FAL (Fusil Automatique Léger), a Belgian gun used since the 1950s. Its status as the "Fail Cannon" stems from its use in the first person shooter Modern Warfare 2. The gun is the only assault rifle in the game that is neither automatic nor three round burst, and sports a much smaller clip and horrible iron sights. As a result of these deficiencies, the gun typically fires fail towards enemies. Some really good players use it as a personal handicap to keep the game challenging for themselves.

2. Any object not suitable to the task it is being used for.
Spectator: How did you just go 4 and 18 on Highrise? were using the fail cannon, I should have known.

Guy who needs help: Can you help me hammer this nail into the wall?

Guy #2: Yeah, try trading in that fail cannon for a real hammer.
#fail #fal #modern warfare 2 #first person shooter #assault rifle
by Interlocutor April 12, 2011
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