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Ancient Irish word meaning whales vagina.
Hey Fagus! Suck my balls!
by Prive' December 13, 2009
A term used to describe a very nice person.
Guy 1: Hey, you're a real fagus.

Guy 2: Why thank you that is very nice of you.
by Mr. Crappers October 21, 2010
1. Another name for a young christian who refuses to believe sex makes babies.

2. A variation of the name fag.
1. A fagus: God exists, it's proven.
Non-christian: No, go away.
A fagus: But I'm saying the truth, he created me!
Non-christian: No, your mom and dad had sex.
A fagus: NONSENSE! Life is a miracle created by the God!

2. God, you're such a fagus!
by yorine September 12, 2006

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