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A gay looking hair cut, in the case of a "fag shag" the hair is usualy several inches long.
wow, he has a serious fag shag.
by Lupe jiminez. January 05, 2008
a fagshag is when u fuck doug....he is the gayest fucking moron in the world....hence if u fuck (or shag) doug, it is a fagshag because u are shagging a fag.
"oh my gosh i heard u had a fagshag. now i feel like throwing up becuase doug is a disgusting little fuck."
by Max Dumitru January 26, 2005
a fag, like DOUG, he is the biggest fag in the world, DOUG YOU ARE A FAGSHAG!!!
Doug is such a Fagshag!! I cannot belive how much of a fagshag he is!!
by Sean Bhaskar January 16, 2005