1.)A homosexual.

2.)A person who frag tags in the game Gears of War
Elton John is a giant fag tagger
by Jedi Master Yoda April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who plays Gears of War (a game for the Xbox 360) every waking our of the day and has decent skill, but gets the grenades every round and tags the first thing he or she sees (even if this action results in death, which it does most of the time). This type of player does not care about kills or points, they care about PISSING YOU THE HELL OFF as fast as possible. they are hated by both teams involved in the game and are generally avoided if possible.
OMFG, that FAG TAGGER just tagged me AGAIN! BOOM!!!
by Ryan P. Brooks February 26, 2007
1.Someone of homosexual orientation who, for 69 hours and 69 minutes, seeks out other homosexuals to "tag" or be "tagged" by.

2. Someone who repeatedly uses the same annoying jargon such as lol, Hammah, or any other internet slang...
1.Jesus, Raymond, you fagtagger, give it a break already. It's been 10 minutes and you've fagtagged 6 guys!

2. You fagtagger, stop saying "Hammah" all the time.
by Cody Merten February 25, 2008
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