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v. Much like facing the music, this term implies owning up to something you've done, or to the anger of many a relative, such as a wife, sibling, or even lover. Unfortunately, this particular term refers mostly to the outcome of fessing up, and means becoming smothered by the other person in this little play due to their outrage at your mistakes.
Johnny: Help! 911 operator! I just told me wife I cheated and now I'm hiding in my room because I'm facing the pillow!!
911 operator: Well, let us know where you live, and someone will be there to help right away.
911 operator: Sir. Where did you say you lived?
Johnny's wife: Sorry ma'am. My husband mis-dialed.
911 operator: Well then! Have a wonderful evening ma'am!
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 13, 2008
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